How to Track Your Payouts

How to Track Your Payouts

See who you've charged, how much you're getting, when you're getting it, and more!
Our payout report comes directly from STRIPE so you can see exactly where your money is.

The way STRIPE transfers money is every few days, they take every charge you made, and pay you out the lump sum.
This sometimes males it difficult to understand which charges you just got paid for.

We made it easy to break it down!

To find this, log into your backend, go to Administration > Payments.
Here, click "View Payouts" on the right hand side

Here you will see a basic payout overview containing:
  1. The payout date
  2. Status
  3. Card that it's going to
  4. Total amount paid to you

If you click into one of the payouts, you will be able to see:
  1. A breakdown of which charges this payout contains, along with links to the actual booking 
  2. A breakdown of all fees, refunds, and anything else

This will give you complete clarity on where your money is, what is pending, and what's been paid out.