How to Assign Jobs to Teams

How to Assign Jobs to Teams

In order to assign bookings, 2 things need to be in place:
  1. Your main calendar must be connected (see how HERE)
  2. Your cleaners must be added as users in the system (see how HERE)
    (They to not need to have access, you can remove all permissions)
Once both are complete, you can assign users to any booking by going to the Bookings tab, and scrolling down.
Below the price, below the notes section, you will see this:

Click "+Add" and add as many users as you want (if your teams have multiple people, you can assign to them all)

Will recurring bookings get automatically assigned in the future once I assign the first one?
Yes, Once you assign one booking in the series, all of the following bookings will be automatically assigned to those users.

Browse around the knowledgebase if you have other questions, we have a lot of cool features!

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